As per the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, the persons responsible (PR) for multi occupancy residential properties have an ongoing obligation to ensure the risk of fire is kept to a minimum. Also, any safety systems such as fire detection and emergency lighting systems must be tested regularly and kept in working order.

We have discovered that many RPs were failing to regularly visit their sites because of time pressures, logistics, or just poor management.

Monthly property inspections by NW Fire Solutions

Our monthly property inspections provide an ideal solution, whereby a dedicated fire safety consultant will simply visit the property on your behalf, saving you precious time and resources.

We will cover all of the required fire safety checks that must be carried out regularly, however our property inspection service extends far beyond fire safety!

We also look for anything else that would normally be checked as part of a typical property inspection, giving you peace of mind that your tenants are happy and your property is in safe hands, without you having to make a dedicated visit.

What’s more, if you would like us to check something that isn’t already covered by our service, let us know and we’ll look to include it at no extra cost! 

Our engineers will perform the following checks: 

  • A fire alarm & an emergency lighting test
  • An internal and external inspection of the property for any damage, obstructions, or anything out of the ordinary (broken doors, blocked drains, etc.
  • Meter readings
  • Completion of a physical logbook and digital report of the visit with photographs of any issues.

As well as a multitude of peace-of-mind property checks, we also include access to our job management system and client portal. This provides our clients with complete transparency and visibility of past reports and findings for each site, including any outstanding invoices.

Making fire safety simple for HMO landlords

As a landlord or managing agent, we recognise that you want to ensure your property is being well maintained, your tenants are safe and secure, and your property meets any legal safety requirements.

Our monthly property check service is ideal for smaller apartment blocks and houses of multiple occupancy (HMOs) where the fire risk assessment requirements are more complex.

We can also extend our property inspections to any type of property that needs a less frequent visit, such as quarterly or biannually for example. Whatever your fire safety needs, we’re here to support you.

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The main aim of our property management service is to make life easier for you, the landlord. By incorporating our fire safety knowledge with the necessary regular property checks, our service looks after both your tenants and your property. 

Looking for monthly property inspections or reliable fire safety services? Whether you are a landlord or managing agent of any kind of property, contact NW Fire Solutions to discover our cost effective property management service today. 

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