With years of specialised experience, NW Fire Solutions offer fire engineering consultancy for premises across the UK. A fire safety report is a complex document, specifically tailored to a building, that reviews all aspects of the building’s safety features. This includes areas such as construction, compartmentation strategy and means of escape. 

Why You Might Need a Fire Strategy

If you are erecting, extending, or undergoing a material change of use of a building, Regulation 38 of the Building Regulations requires that a package of safety information must be put together and given to the responsible person of the premises. 

Where this information has not been provided, or is not available for your premises, you may wish to commission a retrospective fire strategy to analyse the potential fire spread, and implement a plan to minimise the destruction that could be caused by fire. A fire strategy is commonly used as a means of collating and providing this information. 

You may also commission a fire strategy at the design stage of a building project. This will ensure that the required fire safety features of the final build have been correctly identified and incorporated into your design plans.

What does a fire strategy report cover?

  • The fire safety strategy
  • Assumptions regarding the management of the building
  • The evacuation strategy and high-level cause and effect
  • Escape routes and muster points
  • Details of compartmentation, cavity barriers, fire doors, fire stopping and opening protectives
  • Smoke detector heads, alarm call points, alarm panels, emergency communication systems, fire safety signage, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers.

This must all be shown in the final as-built plans, assisting future building managers and responsible persons in running the building safely. 

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