A fire stopping survey can often be confused with a fire compartmentation survey, however, they are two vastly different surveys.

Here at NW Fire Solutions, we offer detailed fire stopping surveys to determine areas where fire resisting walls have been breached, so the correct remedial works can be performed to restrict the spread of fire and smoke through your building. 

A fire stopping survey can be performed as a standalone survey, or as part of the more comprehensive compartmentation survey, in order to compile a more detailed analysis of a building’s existing compartmentation. 

What is a fire stopping survey?

Most buildings have had some form of renovation work, typically as part of improvement or maintenance projects. In some cases, compartments have been unknowingly penetrated with lay-services, such as electric wiring, computer cabling and fire alarm cabling.

Where these tasks have cut through a compartment wall, ceiling or floor, there should be adequate fire stopping protection in place to block any holes and prevent the spread of flammable gases.

Our fire stopping surveys include tagging and photographs of each breach found, along with a suggestion for remedial works to restore the fire resisting properties of the penetrated area.

Expert passive fire stopping services

With over 10 years of experience in passive fire stopping, NW Fire Solutions offers a professional service catered to your needs. We pride ourselves on delivering excellence every time, with highly-trained engineers able to provide an expert service. 

If you’re looking for a passive fire stopping company, finding a provider with both experience and expertise is the key to ensuring you meet fire safety regulations, keeping your building, and its occupants, safe and secure. 

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