The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 makes it a legal requirement that members of staff receive workplace fire safety training. Go the extra step to ensure safety in the workplace with a fire extinguisher training course from NW Fire Solutions.

Not only will your staff be made aware of the threats of fire on a fire safety training course, but with expert fire extinguisher training, they’ll be able to choose the correct extinguisher to tackle a specific classification of fire.

What does a fire Extinguisher Training course Involve?

At NW Fire Solutions, our fire extinguisher course lasts around 1.5 hours and covers the following areas:

  • How fires can be extinguished
  • Different classes of fire
  • Proper use of a portable fire extinguisher and fire blanket
  • How to check if a fire extinguisher is serviceable

Who is our fire extinguisher training course for?

The fire extinguisher training course is suitable for organisations that wish to equip their staff with the knowledge of how to safely use firefighting equipment in the event of a fire at the workplace. The fire extinguisher course is ideal for those looking to supplement their mandatory fire safety training to provide some more information for their staff.

Our course is suitable for any employee of any level within your business. Upon completion of the course, delegates will be able to correctly identify fire hazards, the different classes of fire (Class A, Class B, and so on), and which type of fire extinguisher they should use.

The incorrect operation of the wrong fire extinguishing equipment can result in great damages and losses, and can make the situation worse in some cases. With our fire extinguisher training, your staff will be equipped with the knowledge of how to correctly use extinguishers and fire blankets during an on-site practical session.

Keep your staff and their surroundings safe with an expert fire extinguisher training course from NW Fire Solutions.

Make sure you comply with relevant legislation

To help keep your business fire safe and secure, NW Fire Solutions offers 3 types of on-site fire safety training courses:

Our courses will help you to remain fully compliant with your employer obligations under the terms of the 2005 order. Since we travel to your place of business, we ensure minimum workplace disruption whilst your staff undergo this important training on-site.

Choose NW Fire Solutions for fire extinguisher training

Our highly-trained team has vast experience in delivering fire extinguisher training. So you and your staff will have valuable peace of mind that you will know how to act safely in the event of a blaze. Contact us to arrange fire awareness training at your place of work.

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