Fire doors are an integral part of any building’s passive fire protection system to help prevent the spread of fire, and are crucial to ensuring that all building occupants are able to evacuate safely and securely.

Offering professional and expert fire door inspections throughout the UK, all of our fire door surveyors have achieved Accredited City & Guilds Certification in fire door inspection competence, meaning they are fully trained and competent to adequately assess fire doors under the Fire Safety Regulatory Reform order 2005. 

We offer detailed fire door inspections

NW Fire Solutions can provide a detailed report on the condition, function, and durability of all fire doors on your premises. Our qualified Fire Door Inspectors will identify instances where the fire resistance of your fire doors has been compromised, so that you are able to carry out remedial works to reduce liability and overall risk.

We will create a survey report, highlighting any deficiencies and remedial action required to bring your fire doors within legal tolerances, with photographs as supporting evidence. Each door will be tagged with a unique ID for easy identification. 

We provide you with the peace of mind that you need by checking and testing all of the fire resistant features of your fire doors to ensure that they act as they should in the event of a fire. This will help put your mind at ease knowing that you are both complying with the Fire Safety Regulatory Reform order 2005, and are fully protected. 

Fire door checks save lives

Fire doors are one of the most important elements on a property, buying occupants the time needed to evacuate safely from a burning building. It is critical that all doors are working properly, and that a fire door inspection is carried out on a regular basis to manage the ongoing condition of the doors overtime. 

Fire doors can often lose their integrity if they’re damaged or mistreated in any way. Once this integrity is lost, the third party certification/accreditation for that fire door is no longer valid. This means that the fire door cannot be relied upon to react as it was manufactured to do so, and underlines the importance of obtaining a fire door inspection.

Experienced assessors

NW Fire Solutions understands that when you are tasked with finding an inspection company for something as important as your building's fire doors, you will want to be sure to hire a company with the required experience to ensure that everything is done according to regulation.

We can offer you the peace of mind of hiring a fully experienced and trained company to handle your fire door inspection needs.

Satisfied customers

Over the years we have acquired plenty of satisfied customers that can attest to our ability to deliver results - see for yourself on our testimonials page! We take our job seriously and fully understand how important a detailed and accurate fire door inspection is. We pride ourselves on providing just that.

We are proud to offer exceptional customer service and deliver the best possible results for each of our customers but don’t just take our word for it, get in touch today. 

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