Understanding how a fire would spread in a building is crucial to assessing the risks, and therefore deciding which fire safety features should be implemented in a building. The importance of commissioning a thorough compartmentation survey in order to acquire such knowledge is not to be overlooked, as this can be one of the most effective methods of keeping a building and its occupants safe. 

Backed with years of specialised experience, NW Fire Solutions offers fire stopping surveys and fire compartmentation surveys across the UK.

By following our professional proven process, we deliver detailed compartmentation surveys to ensure your building is fire safe. With years of fire safety and building construction knowledge and experience, our fire engineers are experts in identifying and applying fire compartmentation requirements in buildings, as per the approved British Standards.

What is a fire compartmentation survey?

Compartmentation is the process of subdividing buildings to help prevent the rapid spread of smoke and fire. A detailed compartmentation survey is an assessment of how well a dwelling can protect important escape routes and high-value areas. The assessment involves detailed investigative works within ceiling and floor voids, roof spaces, as well as within service rises, behind boxings, and more.

The aim of a compartmentation survey is to assess whether the existing fire compartment walls, floors and ceilings within the premises are likely to restrict the potential spread of fire and smoke or obstruct evacuation. 

What does a compartmentation survey include?

NW Fire Solutions offer thorough compartmentation surveys, checking a wide variety of building areas to provide a list of recommendations and actions to keep your building and its occupants safe. Our compartmentation surveys include:

  • An assessment of the current compartmentation strategy for the dwelling or building
  • A comprehensive visual inspection of the existing fire compartmentation provisions, including floors, walls, roof voids, basements, floor and ceiling voids, risers and shafts
  • An assessment of the condition of compartmentation and any defects in accordance with British Standards, Approved Document B, and any site-specific fire strategy information
  • Detailed mark ups of existing floor plans, indicating the locations of compartment walls and floors (a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment is required prior to mark-up)
  • A fire stopping survey to identify individual breaches in compartmentation
  • A fire door survey to identify any defects with existing fire doors.

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