Fire stopping Survey

All door inspections are carried out by qualified FDIS inspectors.

The Fire Stopping Survey sometimes gets confused with the Compartmentation Survey but in reality it is normally carried out as a result of the Compartmentation Survey.

Many buildings have had renovation work done, often as DIY projects. Unknowingly builders and DIYers alike have penetrated compartments to lay-services such as electric wiring, computer cabling and even fire alarm cabling. Where these services cut through a compartment wall, floor or ceiling, there should be adequate fire stopping to block any holes around the cabling to prevent the spread of flammable gases.

NW Fire Solutions can carry out a full Fire Stopping Survey of all services that penetrate a compartment. We would always suggest that a compartment survey should be carried out first but, if you are certain that the compartment is sound or have already had a compartment survey completed, then a fire stopping survey will ensure that the effects of fire are limited to one compartment.

We Offer Detailed Inspections

We provide you with the peace of mind that you need by checking and testing all of the specific factors that can affect your fire doors to ensure that your doors comply with the Fire Safety Regulatory Reform Order 2005. This will help put your mind at ease knowing that you are complying with the order and that you are fully protected. Because the responsibility has been transferred since the reform, you want to take the needed steps in order to ensure that you can effectively reduce the risk of a fire and the damage it can cause. Having fully functional fire doors can help do just that.

Fire Doors Save Lives

Fire doors can save lives and protect your property. Having effective fire doors in place is crucial to ensuring that all of the occupants of your building are able to evacuate the building safely and securely. Fire doors happen to be one of the most important elements on a property which can help to give those in the building time to evacuate safely from a burning building. Thus, it is critical to ensure that they are working properly and that they are up to code to reduce liability and overall risk.

Professional Service

We offer extremely professional service catered to your individual needs. We provide the highest quality professional service on the market with professional and trained staff to assist your every need.

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We offer something that you absolutely must find in a fire door inspection company. Whenever you are tasked with finding an inspection company for something as important as your building's fire doors, you will want to be sure to hire a company with the required experience to ensure that everything is done according to regulation. Because we have so much experience in the industry, we can offer you the peace of mind of hiring a fully experienced and trained company to handle your inspection needs.

Satisfied Customers

Another factor you should consider when hiring a company to handle your fire door inspections would be satisfied customers. We have plenty of satisfied customers that can attest to our ability to deliver results. We take our job seriously and we fully understand how important it is to get the proper results when it comes to a detailed fire door inspection. We pride ourselves on doing just that. There are many companies to choose from and we know we stack up well against them. We offer exceptional customer service and we deliver the best results for all of our customers.