For reliable passive fire protection in Sheffield, look no further than North West Fire Solutions. We provide a wide range of services, including fire safety risk assessments in Sheffield and fire door surveys. We’re always aiming to raise fire safety standards in the UK.

Fire Door Surveys in Sheffield

Fire doors are a vital part of a building’s passive fire protection system to help prevent the spread of fire. They’re crucial to ensuring that all building occupants are able to evacuate safely and securely in the unfortunate event of a fire.

NW Fire Solutions can provide a detailed fire door survey in Sheffield that includes a report on the condition, function, and durability of all fire doors on your premises. Our qualified Fire Door Inspectors can identify instances where the fire resistance of your fire doors has been compromised, so that you’re able to carry out remedial works to reduce liability and overall risk.

As part of our fire door survey service in Sheffield, NW Fire Solutions will create a survey report. This highlights any deficiencies and remedial action required to bring your fire doors within legal tolerances, with photographs as supporting evidence. Each door will be tagged with a unique ID for easy identification, helping to put your mind at ease knowing that you’re fully protected and compliant with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Fire Risk Assessments in Sheffield

With NW Fire Solutions’ fire risk assessments in Sheffield, you can rest assured that your property will comply with fire safety standards.

It is a legal obligation for a business owner, landlord or managing agent of a property to ensure that a property meets all of the necessary fire safety requirements.

A fire risk assessment is an ideal tool for providing you with an action plan to improve the building's fire risk management.

Our fire risk assessments in Sheffield are an organised inspection of your premises to ascertain if there are any fire hazards that could cause harm, identifying the measures currently in place, and estimating the level of risk for existing hazards. The aim of a fire risk assessment is to remove any hazards and to reduce them to an acceptable level of safety.

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, a fire risk assessment is a legal requirement for most types of buildings used as a place of work, or residential buildings made up of more than a single dwelling. The fire safety risk assessment may also reveal a need for other fire safety surveys, such as a fire compartmentation or external wall survey.

Passive Fire Protection in Sheffield

At NW Fire Solutions, we’re able to provide exceptional passive fire protection in Sheffield. Our services include fire stopping surveys that are used to determine areas where fire resisting walls have been breached, so the correct remedial works can be performed to restrict the spread of fire and smoke through your building.

You can also hire NW Fire Solutions to undertake a fire compartmentation survey, which is an assessment of how well a dwelling can protect important escape routes and high-value areas. The assessment involves detailed investigative works within ceiling and floor voids, roof spaces, as well as within service rises, behind boxings, and more.

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