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NW Fire Solutions offer comprehensive type 4 fire risk assessments for purpose-built blocks of flats. We have seen so many lives getting destroyed because of an unwanted fire in the building and we don’t want that to happen in your flats too.

Types of fire risk assessments

Fire risk assessments are categorised into 4 types depending on their level of risk and the inspection that has to be carried out. We excel at offering all types of fire risk assessments but we will ask you to get a type 4 assessment done because that is the most detailed and involves comprehensive testing techniques. Please find below information about the types types of fire risk assessments for flats.

Type 1

This is the basic assessment that mainly tests the common non-destructive parts. It is often done to satisfy the purpose of the Fire Safety Order. In this test, we will send a team who will check the arrangements that the fire engineers have made for the people to escape when there is a fire. We will also check some of the entry and exit points of the doors to the flats. These are some basic tests based on which we prepare a report.

Type 2

Unlike Type 1 where all the non-destructive parts are checked, Type 2 involves checking of the common destructive parts. In this assessment, we can ask the contractor to be present while the assessment is done. If we find any minor or major risk after the assessment, we will ask the contractor to repair that part or area immediately after which the report will be given. Since this assessment is destructive, we prefer to do it in flats that are vacant.

Type 3

The Type 3 assessment is more like the Type 1 assessment but has a slightly wider scope. Our team will visit the flat and the assessment will be done on the means to escape when there is a fire and also on the working of fire alarms. We will conduct the non-destructive assessments inside the flat in order to make sure that all the systems are working properly. In most of the Type 3 assessments, we have seen that the risk arises if it is an aged flat where the heating and cooling systems are not up to the mark.

Type 4

One of the most comprehensive fire risk assessment is the Type 4 assessment. Although it may seem that the assessment is more or less similar to Type 3 but the scope of the test is much more. Assessment is carried out on both the common parts and the flats and also a destructive inspection will be done on the entire flat. The contractor has to be present when the assessment is being done and they may be asked to open any particular area of the flat if we find that there can be a potential risk of fire from that area. Again, since this assessment is destructive in nature, the work is generally done when the flat is vacant.

Our fire risk assessments for flats are carried out in accordance with the government guidelines. There are strict guidelines that we have to follow when it comes to fire assessment t the guidelines because it can lead to saving the lives of hundreds.

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