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Require an up-to-date fire marshal certificate in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005? If so you’re in the right place!


We hope you agree that fire represents the greatest risk to places of work, education establishments and care homes alike. Each year there are 100,000 fires where 600 lives are lost. Fire can devastate property and claim human lives regardless as to the age of your building and extra precautions you have taken often at great expense. It is essential you put in place a well thought-out plan to evacuate your staff or beneficiaries should your building succumb to fire.

A mitigation measure you can’t afford to ignore

Fire is a high risk to your business or institution and mitigation following outbreak of fire should be duly provided for in your fire safety plan. Training your staff in the arts of fire wardenship is one mitigation steps you really can’t afford to scrimp on.

If you’re unlucky enough to have experienced the horrors associated with the outbreak of fire you’ll surely appreciate the need for trained fire marshals who are able to save lives by effectively evacuating your building’s occupants. Fire marshal training may turn out to be the wisest investment you make this year.

A legal requirement


Training staff in this area is essential if staff are to effectively and calmly lead others to safety under the extremely taxing and stressful circumstances associated with the outbreak of fire. Fire safety regulations require you to provide your staff with sufficient fire marshal training under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Article 15 of the Act states ‘a sufficient number of competent persons must be available to implement procedures for the safe evacuation of relevant persons from the premises…’



What our fire marshal course entails

The course North West Fire Solutions provides covers a ‘core’ syllabus which is customised to the needs of your particular organisation. The ‘core’ syllabus shall include staff training on the following essential areas of fire marshal training:

  • How to conduct a full fire risk assessment
  • How to distinguish between different types of fire extinguisher i.e. what each do and their associated limitations
  • First aid training
  • How to correctly use each type of fire extinguisher as per BS 5306 Part 3 in order to tackle small fires
  • How people react when fire breaks out and how to deal with people who may be experiencing anxiety and stress.
  • Appreciation of fire safety regulations
  • Simulation of a live fire using fire simulation equipment through each fire ‘class’ (A to C). This will be tailored to the type of environment you work in such as a school, college, retail outlet or care home etc.
  • Key causes and prevention of fire
  • The role of a fire marshal when fire outbreaks
  • Provisions under the Disability Discrimination Act relating to fire safety and evacuation
  • Safe evacuation of your building’s inhabitants
  • Fire assembly
  • How to interact with emergency services
  • The behaviour of fire i.e. through its development, spread and containment
  • How to take a register of staff members once everybody has been successfully evacuated
  • Final test with certificate valid for three years

When three isn’t a crowd

North West Fire Solutions would highly urge you to have at least three staff members trained as fire marshals. This shall ensure in the event of leave or sickness you will have backup support in the event of fire. If you are your building’s so-called ‘Responsible Person’ under the 2005 Act then taking the course really is a non-brainer. As a rule of thumb we would recommend you train one fire marshal per ten members of staff.

Why choose North West Fire Solutions?

When you choose fire marshal training with North West Fire Solutions your staff will be trained by active fire fighters with well over 30 years of active duty and who have gained accreditation with the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFF).

Geographic areas we cover include:

  • Liverpool, Wirral and Merseyside
  • Manchester and surrounding areas
  • Chester, Ellesmere Port and North Wales

The actual training involves a class-room theory element followed by practical training outdoors. This includes the famous ‘fire extinguisher training’ and practicing fire evacuation drills. At the conclusion of the training you shall undertake a multi-choice questionnaire and if you pass you will be awarded the fire marshal certificate.

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