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The placement and upkeep of fire extinguishers should be a bare minimum even the most average of fire safety strategies. It is a legal requirement to maintain your fire extinguishers. It is now the law in Britain that you, as a responsible employer, must provide your premises with working fire extinguishers and to have the extinguishers tested annually (known as ‘discharge testing’). This is by virtue of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (see additionally BS3506 Pt 3 and BEN3). If you fail to maintain your fire extinguishers and your premises are subsequently damaged by fire your negligence will also be grounds upon which your insurer can withhold settlement funds for insured losses.

But you don't need worry. If you’re reading this you still have time to ensure your legal and moral responsibilities are taken care of when it comes to fire extinguisher maintenance. If you choose to engage the services of North West Fire Solutions you can be assured your fire extinguishers will be in a full working condition should you be unlucky enough to experience fire.

Don’t be caught out when it comes to fire safety. Call the team today!

Once you call our offices to enquire about our fire extinguisher maintenance services we shall arrange for our engineer to come to your property at a pre-arranged and convenient time in order to commence fire extinguisher testing. This can typically coincide with fire alarm maintenance or PAT testing work we carry out on your premises.

Why fire extinguishers require frequent maintenance

Although fire extinguishers look fairly sturdy to the untrained eye, this essential fire fighting device is in fact a finely tuned instrument and very little interference is required in order to render your fire extinguishers defective. Our fire extinguisher service typically ensures the below non-exhaustive list of components are in a safe and working condition:

  • Anti-tamper seal
  • O-ring
  • C horn
  • CO2 swivel horn
  • Safety pin
  • CO2 hose

Servicing businesses of all shapes and sizes

North West Fire Solutions carry our fire extinguisher maintenance services for a full range of private companies and public organisations both big and small. A non-exhaustive list of past and current customers who engage our fire extinguisher maintenance services include:

  • Bars, restaurants and nightclubs
  • Hotels & cinemas
  • Office based businesses
  • Museums
  • Private landlords
  • Care homes
  • Retail
  • Hospitals
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Banks
  • Laboratories
  • Warehouses
  • Churches

Covering all varieties of fire extinguisher

The service we provide means all types of fire extinguisher will be tested when our engineer visits your premises. Typical fire extinguishers covered includes:

  • Water based fire extinguishers
  • CO2 based fire extinguishers
  • Foam based fire extinguishers
  • Dry powder based fire extinguishers
  • Wet chemical fire extinguisher
  • Fire blankets

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Please call North West Fire Solutions today on 0151 665 0124 for a no obligation quote. Our engineer will take you through an initial assessment and will determine the duration of call out needed to ensure your premises are fire safe and legally compliant.

Call today for fire extinguisher maintenance if you are based in Liverpool, Wirral, Cheshire, North Wales or Lancashire.