Structural Compartmentation Surveys

With years of specialised experience, NW Fire Solutions offers immediate access to fire strategy reports in Wirral. We are professional, proven, and understand the importance of the strategic report.

We are accredited specialists and make sure all results are in line with industry standards.

This is by virtue of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (see additionally BS3506 Pt 3 and BEN3). If you fail to maintain your fire extinguishers and your premises are subsequently damaged by fire your negligence will also be grounds upon which your insurer can withhold settlement funds for insured losses.

What is included in a NW Fire Engineering compartmentation survey?

  • an assessment of the compartmentation strategy for the premises
  • a comprehensive visual inspection of the existing fire compartmentation provisions; which includes floors, walls, roof voids, basements, floor and ceiling voids, risers and shafts where present
  • an assessment of the condition of compartmentation and subsequent defects in accordance with relevant British Standards, Approved Document B of the Building Regulations and any site-specific fire strategy information made available
  • a detailed review of fire doors on the premises (which can also be undertaken as a separate exercise)
  • a clear action plan which outlines locations of defects, photographic evidence and suggested remedial actions to be taken
  • marking up of existing floor plans (if made available) to indicate the locations of compartment walls and fl

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