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Truth is a faulty fire alarm system could cost you a great deal more than just embarrassment when your Health and Safety Executive comes knocking at your door. A lot more.

The harsh reality is some 350 lives were lost across the United Kingdom in 2013 alone due to the outbreak of fire (Office of National Statistics ONS). A further 10,104 people suffered non-fatal injuries during the same period.

Above ONS data illustrating the vulnerability of public buildings and places of work when it comes to the outbreak of fire. Retail units and care homes were most at risk.

If you’re the appointed ‘Responsible Person’ under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, your legal responsibilities are very real and something you just can’t afford to scrimp on. You’re probably well aware of the statutory duty imposed upon you by law to ensure your facility’s fire alarm is in a serviceable state of functionality. For some buildings such as schools you’re required to test your alarm (albeit yourself) at least once a week.

Legislation affects ‘non-domestic’ premises and this could typically include:

  • Shops
  • Hotels
  • Cinemas
  • Churches
  • Theatres
  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Care homes
  • Leisure centres

An ideal choice for schools, universities, care homes and places of work

Northwest Fire Solutions helps keep your alarm system in a serviceable state and ensures your legal responsibility under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 is truly taken care of. Our fire alarm maintenance contract and 24/7 emergency call-out service means a BAFE SP 203 approved engineer will be on hand to ensure your fire alarm system is compliant with British Standards BSS839.

Basic checks include:

  • Ensuring your alarm is triggered when safety glass is broken
  • Ensuring the system is triggered upon the application of heat or smoke
  • Ensuring automatic remote communications with your local fire brigade is operational when the alarm is triggered
  • Ensuring fire alarm control panel ‘zones’ are all in fully working order. This ensures the fire brigade has a clear idea of where in the building the fire has occurred. For obvious reasons this is especially vital for larger buildings

Extinguish your legal responsibility today

The fire alarm service contracts we offer come tailor made to meet the particular needs of your business or organisation. Our rates are some of the most affordable in the industry. The relationship you maintain with North West Fire Solutions will demonstrate to the authorities that you’ve taken reasonable steps in keeping your alarm system in a serviceable condition should your building succumb to fire.

Regular servicing saves you money in the long run

Regular servicing prolongs the working life of your alarm system. System replacements do not come cheap and in this age of austerity it’s vital for you to get the maximum life from your assets.

When you choose North West Fire Solutions as your competent fire service provider, our engineer shall carry out a full risk assessment. This typically includes:

  • A full review of service log book history
  • System settings check
  • Smoke and heat testing under controlled conditions
  • Bell/sounder test to ensure the system omits the recommended number of decibels with reference to the size of your building

It is also possible your system may have been incorrectly chosen in the first place. You would be surprised by the amount of times our engineer has had to advise on a complete system replacement due to the insufficient nature of systems when our services initial survey was carried out.

Are false alarms disrupting business or organisational operations?

False alarms can cause costly downtime to your business or organisation. This may have prompted you to seek out our service in the first place. An alarm which triggers for no apparent reason should be a cause for serious concern and be grounds for an emergency call out. A faulty alarm could at best be the cause of unnecessary disruption to your operations and at worst result in damage to property or even loss of life.

Above, ONS data revealing top causes of false fire alerts in 2013.

Take care of your legal responsibilities

You can be absolutely assured your statutory duty to keep your alarm system maintained will be fully complied with when you choose North West Fire Solutions to carry out essential fire alarm servicing. When you choose to go with North West Fire Solutions the lives of your organisation’s employees and beneficiaries alike shall be placed in safe hands and can ensure you can get on with your own job with utter peace of mind. A well maintained fire alarm shall give your building’s occupants and the local fire service ample time to maximise the safety of human life and property should a fire break out. The passage of time is critical during the outbreak of fire and our alarm maintenance service will give you those few but vital minutes to get everybody to safety and reduce the damage to your property.

Don’t let wear and tear endanger lives and property

Over time even the most efficient of fire alarms will be exposed to age-related weaknesses. Such weaknesses typically manifest in different ways, some of which are listed below:

  • Desensitising of smoke and heat detectors
  • Standby battery failure
  • Wire faults
  • Circuit board wear

The above faults are easily identifiable and remedied under careful inspection from a competent inspector. North West Fire Solution’s engineers will identify and put right any age related faults your system is demonstrating wherever such faults may arise. Our service contract additionally entitles your organisation to a local authority fire certificate.

All major brands are covered

Brands of fire alarm our engineers typically service include:

  • Protec
  • Chubb
  • Notifier
  • Gent
  • Hochiki
  • Apollo
  • ADT

Our engineers come equipped with brand specific testing software and carry specific testing tools to ensure your alarm is optimally serviced for maximum peace of mind and safety.

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