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A dry-riser is classed as a ‘non-automatic’ fire fighting system. Many buildings over 18 metres high come fitted with several dry riser units often located throughout the building. Dry risers afford the fire brigade the ability to distribute large quantities of water to several parts of the building all at once.

Knowing your legal responsibility

Dry riser maintenance is required under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 with further requirements under British Standard BS9990:2015 (Code of practice for non-automatic fire-fighting systems in buildings). At North West Fire Solutions we recommend six monthly testing or at the very least annual inspection and testing of dry-riser inlets. Our appointed engineer looks for potential faults and any sign of corrosion/leakages in the dry-riser infrastructure.

How dry-riser testing is carried out

The test our fire safety engineer carries out involves pumping water into the unit until a pressure of 10 bars is achieved. Pressure is applied for around fifteen minutes. If pressure is not held for this period our engineer attempts to find faults in the system. A loss of pressure is typically due to leakages caused by corrosion or alternatively due to faulty parts requiring urgent replacement. Once the area of fault is determined our engineer goes about rectifying the problem. The system is drained of water. Once the problem is located and fixed our engineer repeats the testing process from scratch to confirm the absence of further faults.

Our engineer tests a number of parts subject to corrosion and/or breakage. This includes the dry-riser’s washers, valves, nuts, doors, springs and rubbers. Our engineer is typically able to put right any discovered faults immediately. If this is not possible our engineer orders the required parts on your behalf. Our engineer returns to your premises at a later date in order to rectify the problem by installing the required parts.

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