As a commercial landlord, you have both a moral and legal responsibility to safeguard your tenants from fire risks. It is essential to prioritise fire safety by taking appropriate steps to minimise the chance of an incident occurring and having sufficient measures in place for protection and escape if a fire does break out. 

In this blog, NW Fire Solutions details everything you need to know about commercial landlord responsibilities for fire safety to ensure your properties are safe and compliant.

A commercial landlord’s fire safety responsibilities

As a commercial landlord, you are responsible for the fire safety of all tenants and visitors in your building(s). Therefore, you should be aware of your obligations under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which states that you must carry out regular fire risk assessments (FRAs) to manage fire risks. This applies to all commercial landlords responsible for letting commercial, industrial or residential premises.

The commercial fire risk assessment involves thoroughly inspecting the premises and identifying any potential fire hazards and existing fire safety measures that may need improvement. The ultimate aim of any fire risk assessment is to remove any hazards and risks or reduce them to an acceptable level. Any assessments should be reviewed regularly, as building layouts and fire safety measures can change over time.

How to conduct a commercial property fire risk assessment

Conducting a commercial property fire risk assessment is important to ensure the safety of everyone in the building. The first step is to identify any fire hazards and sources of ignition. This includes examining furniture, storage areas, ventilation systems, electrical wiring, and hazardous materials to assess risk levels. The next step is to identify people at risk and any vulnerable customers or visitors who may also be at risk.

The assessment should identify any fire safety measures in place and if there are any improvements to be made. This includes installing fire alarms, emergency lighting systems, fire doors and windows, and ensuring exits are clearly marked. Other recommendations may include ensuring that all fire safety equipment is regularly inspected and maintained, that staff are trained to use fire safety equipment, and that fire drills are conducted regularly.

By removing potential hazards or reducing them to an acceptable level, commercial fire risk assessments help to keep you, your staff, and your business safe. Although the law does not stipulate who should carry out a fire risk assessment, given the risks and legalities involved, a professional FRA can provide valuable peace of mind that you have taken all possible measures to protect your tenants and property in a fire emergency.

Commercial fire risk assessments and fire door surveys

NW Fire Solutions is here to help commercial landlords meet their legal fire safety obligations and ensure their premises are safe for all occupants. Our experienced assessors, who all hold a fire safety diploma at level 4 or above and have extensive fire safety experience in various commercial building types, carry out thorough fire risk assessments to identify potential fire hazards and recommend any improvements needed.

Our commercial fire risk assessments are tailored to the individual premises, considering any special requirements and ensuring all fire safety regulations are met. We also conduct fire door surveys to ensure all fire doors are in good working order and compliant with regulations. Fire doors are an essential part of any building’s passive fire protection system, buying occupants the time needed to evacuate safely from a burning building. As such, all fire doors within your premises must be kept in good working order. 

The best way to preserve your fire doors’ condition, function, and durability is to conduct regular fire door inspections. Our experienced team can undertake a thorough fire door survey to provide a detailed report highlighting any deficiencies and remedial action required to bring your fire doors within legal tolerances. Make no mistake; fire door surveys and fire risk assessments can – and do – save lives.

Choose NW Fire Solutions for all your fire safety needs

By choosing NW Fire Solutions, landlords can be confident that their commercial landlord responsibilities for fire safety are being taken care of and that their premises are safe for all occupants. 

NW Fire Solutions comprises chartered fire engineers, health and safety professionals, and dedicated surveyors and assessors. We are passionate about delivering comprehensive fire risk assessments and passive fire protection solutions that make fire safety management as simple as possible. 

Contact us today to find out how NW Fire Solutions can help you to manage your commercial landlord responsibilities for fire safety. Please get in touch on 0151 665 0124 or for expert advice or a free quote. Our experienced team is on hand to provide tailored support for all your fire safety needs.