If you are the owner of a property, it is a necessity that you are aware of any potential fire hazards within your premises and have accounted for these. Not only is this important for the safety of the people occupying the building, but you must also take these measures to comply with fire safety laws. If you are wondering how often should a fire risk assessment be reviewed, continue reading our guide to find out in more detail and to learn about the services we provide to assist with this process.

How often should a fire risk assessment be carried out?

If you are seeking the answer to how often do you need a fire risk assessment in the UK, the answer is unfortunately not straightforward. Fire safety regulations mean that all business premises and the common area within a block of flats must have a fire risk assessment conducted regularly. There is no specified time period for how often you need to conduct a risk assessment, though it is important to consistently make the time for them as your building can become more vulnerable to fires if you don’t.

There is not a specified time period legally speaking, though Article 9, (3) of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order does state that a risk assessment needs to be done again if there has been a significant change to the property. The Fire Safety Order 2005 states that a fire risk assessment needs to be carried out if:  

  • Your premises has changed in its use
  • Personnel numbers have increased significantly
  • Changes have been made to the structure of the building
  • Anything else noteworthy that could potentially impact the fire safety within the building.

So, how often should a fire risk assessment be carried out? To have a basic level of fire safety within your premises, you should carry out a fire risk assessment at the very least every four years for your property. However, we recommend that you conduct fire risk assessments far more regularly than this.

The longer the period you leave between assessments, the more likely that fire hazards and risks can go unnoticed. Therefore, we recommend that you conduct a fire risk assessment every 12 months to ensure you are compliant with your responsibilities as a premises owner and are keeping your property as safe as possible.

Fire risk assessments at NW Fire Solutions

Now that you know the answer to how often do you need a fire risk assessment for a UK property, you can organise a fire risk assessment from us if your property is due one. NW Fire Solutions are available to provide a range of fire risk assessments to prepare your building in the event of a fire and ensure that you and your building’s occupants are kept safe. All of our assessors have a Level 4 Fire Safety Diploma or above, so you know you will be provided with quality service with us.

A fire risk assessment involves an inspection of your premises to deduce if there are any fire hazards that could cause harm, identifying measures that are currently in place, and estimating the level of risk for existing hazards. After the assessment has been conducted, these hazards will be eliminated and controlled to an acceptable level.

If you are the owner of a building, we provide a fire risk assessment for a variety of different building types. Whether your building is commercial, industrial or educational, we provide an excellent service as accredited experts with over a decade of varied experience.

Specifically, we have well-established experience providing residential fire risk assessment to landlords in ownership of a range of property types. We have several different tiers of risk assessment to account for the thoroughness of the inspection. 

A fire risk assessment generally does not have to cover private dwellings, but it is necessary to do so if there may be significant risks to one. If you are unsure what level of fire risk assessment you need for your building, find the right fire risk assessment for your requirements by contacting us today.

Keeping properties safe against fire with NW Fire Solutions

At NW Fire Solutions, we’re experts in fire safety and can provide a wealth of services to landlords, business owners, property management agents, and even tenants. This includes fire door surveys, fire safety training, compartmentation surveys, and more.

If you’d like to learn more about the services we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0151 665 0124, or email us at info@nwfiresolutions.co.uk.