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657 obese people rescued by fire crews each year Back

657 obese people rescued by fire crews each year

At North West Fire Solutions we often report on the good work carried out by UK-based fire crews. These acts of bravery mostly relate to fire-fighting. However, fire crews are expected to help in areas you may not be too familiar with.

Shockingly one such area is spent freeing obese people who are stuck inside their bath or sofa!

Office of National Statistics data reveals the Fire Service’s help was required 657 times during 2014-15 for this very reason.

This figure stood at 609 during 2013-14.

This increase coincides with the British Medical Association’s urge to levy a tax on sugary foods.

One such incident involving the Fire Service intervention involved a 36-stone male falling out of bed. The Fire Service made use of a cow harness in order to place the man back into his bed.

Many of the 657 call-outs mentioned above unfortunately required the Fire Service to remove the deceased body of obese people from their homes. Call-outs of this nature eat up many valuable hours of the Fire Service’s time.

The Chief Fire Officers Association’s President, Peter Dartford, told North West Fire Solutions: “Nationally, we know there is an increasing issue with obesity which will continue to impact on a number of services unless it is addressed."

"We are currently working alongside health professionals at both a strategic and operational level to influence and shape the health agenda."

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