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Boss of Liverpool Curry House Jailed for Breach Fire Safety Back

Last week an Allerton restaurant owner was sentenced to eight months in jail for flouting fire safety laws.

Jahed Ali, 39 concealed workers in a hidden bedroom located above the Allerton restaurant. Residents accessed living quarters shockingly by crawling into a concealed tunnel.

Ali allowed this unacceptable arrangement to continue over several years. Ali was warned back in 2012 by fire officers carrying out a routine inspection when officers discovered people living in the third floor of the building. Ali boarded up the stairwell to convince officers no-body lived above the restaurant any longer.

In actuality all Ali had done was conceal those living above the restaurant.

If a fire had broken out in the restaurant below workers above would have likely perished due to the lack of viable escape options.

It was also found the restaurant itself breached fire safety legislation.

Ali ran the restaurant in Allerton for over 20 years and now his family business’s future is now in doubt.

Fire officers who returned to the property in early 2015 noticed a loose kick panel leading to the makeshift tunnel.

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