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Rough Guide to Fire Safety Order 2005

Both seasoned and new businesses alike are often confused by their responsibilities under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. However the aim of the Order was to simplify matters by consolidating various related pieces of legislation into a single Order. The aim of the Order was to minimise the occurrence of fire and also ensure businesses set in motion a solid plan should fire occur. The Order governs the provision of fire risk assessment, staff fire safety training and evacuation planning in the event of fire. If you are a small-to-medium-size business then it is likely your business will fall under the remit of the Order. Whether you are a hospital or a small bed and breakfast your liability under the Order is very real.

Key responsibilities under the Order

If you are a business owner you are under a duty to provide fire safety training for your staff. You may also need to appoint a ‘responsible person’ under the Order. The responsible person has a clear duty to ensure compliance under the Order is met. Failure to do so could result in fine and/or a prison sentence. Part of this duty includes the provision of ‘fire risk assessment’. In completing the fire risk assessment the responsible person must identify all possible fire risks and make a written record of each. Measures must subsequently be carried out in order to minimise identified fire risks. Such measures could include the provision of fire proof doors, a satisfactory escape plan should fire occur, servicing fire extinguishers, regular fire alarm maintenance and ensuring staff receive adequate fire safety training. Key roles should be assigned to staff members in the evacuation strategy and more than one staff member should ideally be assigned the same role should you experience staff shortages in the event of fire.

Assessing the needs of the vulnerable

The fire risk assessment should provide for vulnerable people who live within or visit your premises. Vulnerable people could include children, the elderly or disabled people. People with limited mobility are particularly at risk. Any fire evacuation strategy must expressly deal with the issue of vulnerable people. A failure to do so could result in fine and/or prison.

Fire evacuation strategy

All of the above factors must be taken into account when formulating your fire evacuation strategy. A clear fire evacuation strategy must be regularly rehearsed. The fire evacuation strategy should also be regularly revised as circumstances change within the business. Changes could include new staff, changes in building layout and the purchase of new machinery. Such changes may require revision of fire risk assessment and the fire evacuation strategy.


The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 will apply no matter what the nature of your businesses or size of your premises.

It is essential for you to carry out the below duties under the Order:

  1. Fire risk assessment
  2. Implement required steps identified
  3. Revise fire risk assessment regularly

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